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Muskoka Repurposed

Silver Moon Earrings

Silver Moon Earrings

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These moon earrings have been handmade by me out of vintage and antique silver plated serving trays.  They make a beautiful unique and one of a kind gift as each earring will have a slightly different pattern on it depending on what tray was used.  The pattern may differ slightly from the photo because they are each unique.  

They have been made out of antique silver trays that were destined for the scrap yard and given new life into beautiful unique moon earrings. 

Everything is hand cut, polished and buffed to a beautiful finish.  The earrings are made of antique items so there may be slight imperfections due to the fact that they have seen countless dinner parties and events. 

It will be beautifully wrapped in a small box and in eco friendly wrapping.  Please let me know if you have any customization you would like on size, etc. 

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