FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions and answers I get often

* How to care for the pieces?

These are silver pieces and they will tarnish, though in my experience the more you use and wear them the less you have to polish.  If you aren't going to use it for some time then you can store in a plastic sealed bag.  Avoid hairsprays and harsh chemicals.  But if they do get tarnished, as all silver will eventually, no worries you can use any kind of silver polish you would use on your silverware on them.


* Do you do wholesale?

Yes I absolutely do.  Please reach out to me either by email or through my website to set something up.


* Do you do custom orders (with or without family silverware)

Yes, custom orders are some of my favourite (and most nerve wracking) things that I do.  You can use your own family silverware or put in a request to use my own.  I love working with family silverware often making everyone in the family a piece so they can use it everyday instead of the silverware being tucked away and never being used. 


* Where can I buy things?

Please see my retail location page for further information however I also have a small collection of pieces in a variety of other locations across Ontario.  You can also shop right here on this page or temporarily on my Etsy Page. 


* I have some silverware what is the process of me making things?

First of all I love working with customer silverware, I love thinking of the dinners that were had using it, and the family history.  What the process is that I will get you to send me a picture of the silverware that you have to give me an idea of what can and can not be done with it.  Then we decide how we are going to get the silverware to me.  If you are local to Muskoka Area we usually meet at one of my retail locations so you can see my product and we can discuss what you are wanting.  If you are not local then you will ship the product to me (with a couple of extra pieces in case of mistakes) and then once I receive them I get to work.  I send you an invoice and images (if requested) of the finish pieces and then once the payment is received then we arrange pickup or shipment back.

If there is silverware left over some families request to keep the pieces, others donate the remaining pieces or something in between.  

I look forward to working with you so every member of your family can have and use everyday a piece of your family history instead of it being locked away in a cupboard somewhere.