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Muskoka Repurposed

Hand Stamped Custom Coffee Spoon Made from Antique Silver Spoon

Hand Stamped Custom Coffee Spoon Made from Antique Silver Spoon

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This one-of-a-kind Antique Vintage Silver Spoon, hand-stamped with a touch of humour that's sure to make your mornings a little more delightful. This charming piece features the playful inscription "Cereal Killer," adding a whimsical twist to your breakfast routine.

Crafted with care and nostalgia, this silver spoon boasts a rich history and unique character that only time can bestow. The antique design exudes vintage charm, making it a perfect addition to your collection of eclectic kitchenware.

The pattern of the spoon will vary but each will be vintage and antique silver plated and  polished to a beautiful finish.  As these are made from antique silverware that has seen countless dinner parties and gatherings there may be some minor 'love marks' which only adds to the history and character of the piece, making them truly one of a kind.  Each piece is still polished to a beautiful finish.  The pattern/design on each set of earrings will be unique and different but will compliment each other perfectly. 

If any personalization is requested please be specific and ensure that your information is correct, with no errors and taking care of capitalization etc. 

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