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Muskoka Repurposed

Dragonfly Necklace Pendant

Dragonfly Necklace Pendant

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Dragonfly necklace pendant is handmade out of vintage silver plated silverware and soldered together to form a beautiful dragonfly pendant.  Each pendant is on a sturdy yet delicate stainless steal chain. 

Each pendant is handmade and truly unique and one of a kind.  I will use the same pattern of silverware (unless you ask for another) but each piece may be slightly different since I am a human and not a robot.

This is made from antique silverware which has seen countless dinner parties and gatherings which can leave the odd small ‘love mark’.  Although I only choose the best quality pieces there may be the odd imperfection which only adds to its character and makes it truly one of a kind.  Each piece is polished to a beautiful finish.

It will be beautifully wrapped in a small box, in a small bag and shipped in packaging to keep it safe while en route to you. 

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